On Ranger Rick…and Tits

Hey everyone, this post is from a blog I follow. It’s hysterical! Just take a moment out of your day, especially if you’re in need of some comic relief, and read this. (Umm… quick word of warning though: if you’re easily offended, you might want to pass. Just saying.) To read it to the end, you’ll have to go to her site because it only posts part of it here. Also, I highly recommend following her blog. She doesn’t post often, but it’s always worth the wait. Here’s the link.

Living It Up and Down

When we’re little kids, we think our bodies are cool. As soon as we are able, we are checking things out. There’s some cool stuff going on here! Fascinating stuff! Wow, hey, what does this do? What’s this for? We weren’t afraid to check things out, play with them, and we certainly weren’t ashamed (we would learn all about shame and guilt later.) Things just needed to work, we didn’t care what they looked like.

Enter puberty. Puberty changes everything.  Around the time puberty hits, (or you’re waiting for it to because everyone else’s has) there is a shift. We start looking at other bodies. We compare ours to theirs. For some of us it becomes an obsession leading to all kinds of body and self esteem issues.

In one sense, it was an exciting time for me. I was thrilled to become a woman! I wanted curves! I wanted nice clothes…

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