Three Things Thursday, July 27, 2017

(“Three Things Thursday was created by Emily at Nerd in the Brain and is hosted by Natalie at There She Goes. Three Things Thursday is quite simply a list of three things that have made you happy this week. Your three things can be big or small, anything that makes you laugh or brightens your day!” – from There She Goes)

Three things that made me happy this Thursday are:

1. The happy afterglow of memories made on my trip to Manitoba. Pictured below: some scenes from my brother’s garden…

2. home-made cherry pie (yes, I baked!) Made from sour and bing cherries from the Kelowna orchard my brother-in-law works at…

3. A new pair of shoes! Acquired in Nelson, BC, while road-tripping back home from Manitoba…

I’m so full of gratitude right now, it was difficult to keep the list to only three things! Hope your Thursday is also filled with gratitude and happiness ❤


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