Day trippin’

Father’s day weekend this year was bittersweet. It was my first fatherless Father’s Day, having lost my ol’ dad earlier this spring. My husband and I lit a candle to honour his memory on Sunday morning.

But on the upside, my husband is also a father. And I got a lot of joy out of seeing his adult children honouring him in their own unique ways. On Friday night, his daughter treated him to a football game (BC Lions vs. Saskatchewan Rough Riders), VIP seating and all.

On Saturday we embarked, with kayaks and dog, on a day trip to Sasquatch Provincial Park with my husband’s son and his girlfriend to do a little paddling on Hicks Lake.

You may recall my post about our first camping trip (here) at Deer Lake, which is just a short distance from Hicks. We love this area because it’s close enough to home (downtown Vancouver) for day trips, and because it’s so beautiful, I don’t even have words to adequately describe it.

I took some photos to share with you all, but they don’t really do this place justice. I highly recommend going to check it out for yourselves, and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Anyway, here are a few pictures of our little adventure…

A kayak’s as good a place as any to do a little knitting!


Paddling around one of the little islands in the lake…


The view from my happy place


We paddled to a little beach where we had some refreshments…


Father and son… and Rio


My stepson making a new friend…

These garter snakes (we saw four of them), a tiny mouse, some Canada geese and a few little fish were among the wildlife sightings of the day.


Rio got to do a little swimming

It was a day well spent; the kind of day that restores balance to my soul. I’m not going to lie, the week leading up to Father’s Day was a tough one. I spent most of it in hibernation. But when I’m outside in a place like this, surrounded by natural beauty, I feel close to my dad. He would have loved Hicks Lake. He would have enjoyed fishing here. It was the perfect place to be on my first fatherless Father’s Day weekend. Walking barefoot on a secluded beach, feeling the earth beneath my feet, being with people I love… it was as near perfect as a day could be.



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