First camping trip of the year…

My husband and I, together with our scruffy dog, recently loaded up our jalopy with gear, food, kayaks, and tents and hit the open road. Our plan was to go camping for a couple of nights at a place called Tunkwa Lake Resort, just past Merritt, BC. But just as we got out of the city and onto the highway, we saw a message on one of those overhead signs that they flash Amber Alerts on, and it said there had been an “incident” on the road to Merritt and the highway was closed until further notice.

So, we pulled off to the side of the road and Googled the situation. Turns out there was an accident involving a truck transporting hazardous materials and a large area had been closed off for emergency and haz mat crews to do their thing until the danger could be contained.

Rather than taking a different route, which would add at least four hours to our trip, we decided to pick a different location for our tiny vacation. The place we chose was Deer Lake in Sasquatch Provincial Park. This beautiful spot is just past Harrison Hot Springs.

I’m going to let the photos tell the rest of this story…


Rio looks all squished in back there, but it’s just the back seats that are loaded, and she has the whole back cargo area to herself. She loves road trips!


This was the view from our campsite. Not bad, eh?


Rio’s favourite game



A beautiful beach we paddled to…


Just us girls…


A family of Canada Geese lived just down the path from our campsite

We got to test our little BioLite stove for the first time. Boiled water in the morning, and cooked a couple of brats for lunch. It worked like a dream! If you want to know more about this cool gadget, check out the BioLite website.

A storm rolled in on the evening of our second day. It made for some cool photos!



This scruffy face makes me smile ❤

It was a short stay in a beautiful place, and I can’t wait to get out there again. We got to test out a lot of our gear for the first time, most of which did not disappoint. Our tent, which we got a couple of years ago, held up solidly in the windstorm.

We feel like time spent camping is good training for our future as full-time RVers. Tenting, of course, is roughing it compared with RVing, but if we can get really good at tenting and using off-grid technology while camping, the transition to RV living should be a breeze, right?

Oh, one thing we realized we need in order to make our camping experience better is finding some way of keeping perishable foods cold for longer than one day. We would love to find a cooler that runs on solar energy. Do any of you know of such a beastie? Any suggestions would be welcome and appreciated.

Thanks for stopping by! 🙂




5 thoughts on “First camping trip of the year…

  1. I have to completely agree about tent camping as RV-prep. After tent-camping, our rental RVs have both seemed downright cuddly, and we were boondocking both times (and the first time, with no idea about the battery life, we were running the furnace only when the internal RV temp dropped below 50F). Plus, you never know when you may have to power through a lockout or a breakdown. What a beautiful campsite. Your stove is super cute. Going to read more about it now. 🙂

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    • Thanks – that’s good to hear from someone with RVing experience! I imagine that, once we get our RV, it will feel pretty posh compared to the tent. I can’t wait!
      The campsite really was amazing. It was our first time there, but we’re already talking about going back.

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    • You’re not alone! That’s definitely one of the less, um, enjoyable aspects of camping. I am NOT a fan of the crawlies! But we use mosquito spray (natural stuff, whenever possible) and we’re very careful when coming or going form our tent so that the creepies don’t get in. It’s worth the effort if you love being outside 🙂 Thanks for the follow! Much appreciated!

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