The research phase is ON, my friends.

It is SO. ON.

Apologies for all the caps, but they are necessary here. See, one of my favourite parts of practically any project is the research. I love researching stuff. All the stuff.

So, naturally, now that my husband and I have made the decision to get ourselves an RV and live in it full time, I have a s**tload (sorry, Mrs. L, but at least it’s not an F-bomb …baby steps, right?) of research to do: what kind of RV to buy – a travel trailer, or a motorhome class C or A; how long it should be; slides or no slides; new or used; everything we ever need to know about solar power and then some; how to ensure we have good internet anywhere and everywhere; ideal time of year to purchase an RV. And that’s just the beginning. There is so much to learn before we do this!

Just want to interrupt this program to shout out a quick thank you to Serri, who helped kick the research phase into high gear by providing these incredibly helpful links: and

Anyway, that’s not even mentioning the renovation and décor ramifications if we’re buying used. Seriously, you should see my Pinterest board entitled, “If I had an old camper”. There are so many great ideas on that board (some people are just flat-out brilliant!), it makes me want to run in circles and scream with delight, just thinking about all the fun I will have when we get our used camper.

Oh, hey, did you see what happened there? I think I just made a decision. Used it is!

But, back to decor for a moment. Have you ever noticed that most RVs come with the most heinously ugly interiors? Who decorates these things? What’s with the wallpaper borders? And the vomit-inducing fabric choices? RVs should be light and airy and beachy, not dark and cloying.


My reaction upon entering campers with ugly, factory-installed décor… (photo credit:–Afraid-Scary-no-scream-horrified-GIF.gif)


This is the kind of kitchen a camper should have. Isn’t it dreamy? This photo is from a really great article called “101 Camper Remodel Ideas” featuring some amazing RV transformations.

I can’t wait to get my hands on a used RV, rip out all that ugliness, and give it the makeover of a lifetime. When I do, I will be sure to post before and after photos.

Hands down, my favourite part of the research phase is gathering decorating ideas, possible colour schemes, choosing materials like flooring, fabrics for recovering seats and cushions, window coverings… This is my JAM and it’s going to be SO FUN!

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