So, I like to knit.

I mean, I really like to knit.

I know. I’m a wild one.

My husband, a scruffy rescued dog, and I live in a tiny apartment, as some of you know. We downsized massively to fit our lives into a tiny space. We are now living a very simplified life, compared to the way things used to be. And it’s good.

But it doesn’t come without its challenges. For instance, finding space for my enormous stash of yarn is a feat involving a fair bit of creativity. If you would like to know more about that, check out this post.

Aside from a custom built sectional with hidden storage (see previously mentioned post), I have yarn stashed away in every available non-visible empty space I can find.

Some of you might think that’s excessive. Anyone who knits (or crochets) will understand that there is no such thing as too much yarn.


Got yarn? (photo credit: moi) This bag is from Art of Yarn, Kelowna, BC

Anyway, I’m not a yarn junkie for no reason. I actually use the stuff. I knit. A lot.

I usually won’t leave home without a project bag. You never know when you’re going to be stuck waiting in a line-up at the bank, on a bus in slow, heavy traffic, or in any given situation where you don’t know what to do with your hands (this happens a lot when you’re shy and awkward, as I am).

I even take my knitting when I go kayaking! Hey, don’t laugh. It’s a thing. I have a friend who recently told me he does the same. We bonded a little bit over this while our husbands laughed at us (lovingly, of course!) But seriously, I highly recommend it. There’s nothing quite like floating on a peaceful lake in a kayak… and knitting. Pure bliss!

I also like to keep my hands busy while Netflix binging. Yes, that happens sometimes.

Anyway, just so you know I really do use yarn from said stash, here are a couple of my completed projects:

Johanna sweater

The Johanna sweater: my own design, named after my recently departed great-aunt, an avid knitter of wildly colourful socks. (All these photos were taken by yours truly)

the scarf I lost

This wonderful (if I do say so myself) scarf is based on the pattern 504 King West Shawl (find it free on Ravelry). Not long after I finished this marvel, I lost it (cue soft, sad violin music). It still hurts my heart to see pictures of it…

TDHM sweater

Just to prove that I am not entirely a selfish knitter, here is a sweater I made for previously mentioned husband. This was the first one I made for him, and I used a Drops Design pattern (free from

the purple scarf

Here’s another take on the 504 King West shawl. I made this one with the divine Sweet Georgia Merino Silk Lace yarn. I’m not exaggerating when I say divine. When I first touched this stuff, I heard angels sing! For more info on this project, click here.

So, there it is. Nothin’ but the truth. I love to knit. Do you? What’s the weirdest place/situation that you’ve knitted in?

10 thoughts on “So, I like to knit.

  1. People often amazed to find out that you can bring knitting needles on airplanes! I always feel a little strange at the airport gate when everyone is staring at their devices and I am knitting away!


    • I was really nervous the first few times I flew with knitting needles, but that was years ago now, and I’ve never had a problem. I get some funny looks when I’m knitting at the airport, too. But I feel like I look less weird than people staring at their devices like zombies! Although, I’ll admit, I’ve also been known to stare at my phone like a zombie (when I’m not knitting)… Anyway, thanks for reading and commenting! 🙂

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