Just for fun: a rant about stuff

“A house is just a place to put your stuff while you go out and get more stuff.” -George Carlin

And now for something completely different… If you’ve never heard the late George Carlin’s bit about stuff, take a moment to watch this YouTube clip. It’s something that all of us downsizers, minimizers, simplifiers, organizers, and anyone who feels the burden of stuff will get a chuckle out of. It’s only about five minutes long. You needed a break anyway, didn’t you?

You’re welcome. 😂

4 thoughts on “Just for fun: a rant about stuff

  1. That was a good laugh! If people only realized how much better life could be when you gain more space to exist and have the ability to organize “your stuff” properly. Here is an example that should alert you to the fact that something is seriously wrong. You go to hang up your coat and there is a wall of jackets from every season, for each family member, ranging from childhood to adult. Even if you were lucky enough to find a hanger…good luck getting it into the closet. 🙂

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